A few days in a strategy seminar generated a debate thanks to a question from one of the participants and resulted in a constructive discussion among business, I must say that in their vast majority were managers of SMEs and also in many different sectors. The discucsión was based on whether the strategy of your company at the time we are experiencing should be shorter in time or keep it just as we were taking until now, and temporize it over the next three to six years ahead. And it’s funny because on a percentage of 50% agreed to maintain and shorten the other half.

      In the post a few days ago we mentioned that we should take such a strategy taking into account the investment or not our business, and in this case may have much to do with reason to carry more than one way to do that with another, which must do is choose what kind of strategy we have in our company. Although the hue to make an important strategy in the short or long term, provided we set ourselves a business vision, ie to reach some goals we can take steps to shorter or longer, choose a more or less easy, invest more or less, innovate business model or not, product, or people, but what we choose to clear our vision, our goals should have a marked, and the mark can be aware of how to reach them. If you expect or not the current movements, political, social, economic or technological are lost. These movements do not have to wait, but study them, and as our business in a more or less local, is called PEST study, and we need both to know that our business environment is moving, yet barely studied. So choose one strategy or another should not be a matter of intuition or fear, but of thoughtful study of the current situation in our society, and how we enforce it ahcemos to frame our goals.

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